Frequently Asked Questions

    • Will I require a new door, if I want a door insert?

No, we can install our inserts in most existing front doors. If we have to cut widen or lengthen the opening in the door, there is no extra cost to you.

    • If I have a half window in my door, can I have a full-length one installed?

Absolutely, our professional installers will cut your existing door, on site to suit the design you have chosen.

    • My door has side glass panels (sidelights) and top window (transom) can I get those to match my choice?

Yes, our representatives are fully experienced in advising you on the styles available and we specialize in all forms of custom work and provide shop drawings prior to manufacture.

    • Will I get drafts or heat loss through my new door insert?

No, all of our products are thermally sealed and thoroughly caulked to the door. You will also get an official warranty certificate.

    • I have read that a lot of glass panels use ‘swiggle’ seal*, what about yours?

No, on both our stained glass and wrought iron panels we use an aluminum spacer bar, with a strong sealant. Beware of panels that use just a rubber (swiggle) seal as they are prone to problems. Call us for further information.

  • swiggle is a cheaper alternative to spacer bar
    • How is the insert installed?

We can install inserts in solid steel or fiber glass doors and doors with an existing builder’s insert. Our installers are fully equipped to cut the door to take any of our products. We use a new pvc, polypropylene or aluminum exterior trim (if required), which will not yellow after time.
We also offer black exterior and interior trims in non-custom sizes. See frames

    • How long will the installation take?

Anywhere from 20 minutes to 1 hour, depending on single or double door installation. Please call if you wish to discuss your project.

    • I want to paint my door. Should I do it before or after the glass is installed?

Please DO NOT paint your door prior to install unless there is no existing glass. For more info on painting, call us 905 856-9400. We do not offer a door painting service and you would need to hire a separate contractor.

    • Will people be able to see through my new door insert?

It depends on the product. Wrought Iron and laser cut iron inserts have a frosted glass panel and stained glass does not. See privacy ratings in our catalogue.

Your Wrought Iron inserts, what are they made of?

All of our wrought iron door inserts are made from solid metal. They are NOT round hollow tubing, nor are they cast iron (which would be way too heavy). Recently there have been copies of our designs using painted glass, these have no security value.

  • What is the difference between your company and others?

1. We are a licensed Ontario Company and listed as an accredited Better Business Bureau  with an A+ rating. We are a member of CFIB (Canadian Federation of Businesses) WSIB insured and Verified Company on Homestars.

2. We have a showroom, an officially licensed premises and a high-profile media and web presence with many positive on-line reviews and awards. You will always know where to find us. 

3. We keep all of our web-featured models in stock, we provide the model that you want, not what we want.

4. Our 10-year Warranty is an official & legal warranty document, not a hand-written note on a receipt.

5. In the rare event of a problem, we will replace or repair your insert in a quick and efficient manner.

    • Some other guys knocked on my door, they were cheaper than you quoted?

There are a lot of inferior quality imported products out there, that use lower quality materials that are more likely to reveal problems later on. Like with most things, you get what you pay for. Please check if they have liability insurance, official warranty, WSIB and are licensed to do work on your home. Most ‘door knockers’ sell the lower quality door inserts at a low price and then charge exorbitant prices for the side and top windows to compensate.

How can I tell the difference?  

The glass is often wrapped in plastic for transport from the far East and the rubber (swiggle) seal is softer to the touch. 

I cannot see the design I am looking for on your website.

Not to worry, we can make most designs. Just contact us

    • What areas do your salesmen cover?

    The whole of the Greater Toronto Area within a 100km radius, please feel free to contact us. See our service area

      • What about your prices?

    Each home is different, so requirements vary. Rest assured our prices are competitive and we will also match any genuine quotation.

      • How can we pay?

    We accept most major credit cards, e-transfer, and personal cheques. Sometimes we even accept cash. We never take full payment until the job is complete. If we install the door insert before any custom glass (side windows etc), you only pay for the door insert plus, a token deposit for the special order.