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Why does What A Pane have a showroom when most other companies do not?


That's a question we get asked a lot. The reason is simple.
From the onset of What A Pane in 2006, we decided that we were not going to be like most others
and buy from Far East wholesalers. We chose to set up our own manufacturing
and stock a large range of products. To do this we needed a premises.
Having set up our warehouse, we thought 'wouldn't it be nice if customers could come and browse
our door inserts?' So we built a nicely lit showroom and filled it with the latest designs.
That allowed the public to view before purchase and for the handyman/self-installers, 
to pick up the glass directly from our facility.
Doesn't that make the panels more expensive?
Just because we have the overhead of premises and staff, it doesn't make them more expensive.
In fact the opposite, because we can manufacture designs in quantity and have a large
facility to store them, the price is advantageous.

Unlike all other retail companies, we have our own design department. A lot of styles you 
see on the marketplace are copies of our original concepts. 
So pop into our showroom and see our range of beautiful inserts, blinds & door locks.

Want to see what our inserts would look like on your house?


All you have to do to see a mock-up of a few designs,  is just send us a good photo or two
of the front of your house and we'll superimpose some designs for you.
You can then see which inserts suit your home. the best !