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Doors with built in blinds are a great way to add character and, if done correctly, an excellent way to add value to your home. Door blinds between the glass, just like any other custom feature in a home, are sought after by potential homeowners. In addition to beautiful glass and iron inserts that What a Pane is known for, we also specialize in blinds between glass door inserts.

Exterior doors with blinds inside the glass, are a beautiful option for any exterior door in your home. We see them used mostly in back doors or side doors because of the large amount of natural light that is let into your home, while still allowing the option for total privacy. A french door glass insert with blinds is probably our most common install and now available in a range of colors!

Door inserts with blinds are also safer for homes with small children or furry friends, since the blinds are 100% cordless. Controlling the amount of shade or privacy is easy with the lift and tilt mechanism that’s built into the side of the window. Simply move the sliders up and down to control lift and tilt.

What A Pane’s between-the-glass blinds are manufactured between two panes of tempered glass, so they’re protected from dust, damage and little hands. They’re an ideal solution for doors as they will not get in your way like curtains or vertical blinds do. Their cordless design makes these blinds safer for homes with children or pets.

As the blinds are sealed between the glass panels, they do not require dusting and no one likes dusting! You can control the degree of shade or privacy with our lift and tilt mechanism. Ideal for back or garden doors!
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Popluar sizes: 20X64 inserts with blinds, 20X80 inserts with blinds
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