Stained Glass Door Inserts Toronto

Decorative glass, sometimes known as stained glass, is a thousand-year-old art form that was traditionally used in places of worship. Pieces of glass are cut and held together by lead or zinc strips to form a myriad of different patterns and designs. The panel is then secured in a rigid frame and thermally sealed between two pieces of safety-tempered glass. The result is a window pane that adds style and character to your doorway and depending on your preference, a great deal of privacy.

If you are looking for stained glass in Toronto, you’ve come to the right place.

Homeowners continue to rely on What A Pane for our expertise and quality products. We will work with you to make sure that all your stained glass door needs are met. The first impression your guests get when they walk in your home is through your door, so make sure their first impression is a lasting one!

What a Pane offers fantastic value in the GTA by offering:

  • Door inserts that can be fitted to your existing door.
  • A choice of sizes (we can modify your door to accept longer inserts, with a few simple cuts).
  • Decorative glass that is TRIPLE pane.
  • Custom work for other windows in your home.
  • 10 year warranty certificate.
  • All installation of glass door inserts in Toronto is free of charge (free installation and home visits apply to the GTA and some surrounding areas, please contact us for further details)