Wrought Iron Door Inserts in Toronto

Wrought iron is a steel that is heated and bent into decorative shapes and is often used in gates, fences and furniture. Today it is available in the form of decorative wrought iron door panels. The iron design is sealed between two pieces of tempered glass, one piece of clear glass and one piece of “frosted” glass. “Frosted” glass allows light through but offers a very high degree of security and privacy.


Wrought iron is a great way to add elegance, security, and privacy to your home. With a long life span, you can feel good about investing into our wrought iron door inserts. There is added comfort to your home as they provide more security than any other style of door insert. With so many designs and patterns to choose from, you can ensure that our wrought iron door inserts reflect your personal taste and style.


Homeowners choose What A Pane because we are the most reliable wrought iron insert provider in Toronto, that continues to provide value and quality. With our expertise and superior products, we will work with you to make sure that all your wrought iron door insert needs are met. The first thing your guests will see when they enter your home is your door, so make sure their first impression is a lasting impression.


What A Pane offers:

  • Door inserts that can be fitted to your existing door.
  • A choice of sizes (we can modify your door to accept longer inserts, with a few simple cuts).
  • Full-length door inserts can fit your existing door – Even if you have a ½ door insert or solid door.
  • Thermally insulated panels
  • Wrought iron to match other windows in your home.
  • 10 year warranty certificate on all wrought iron panels
  • Free of charge installation in Toronto (free installation and home visits apply to the GTA and some surrounding areas, please contact us for further details)
  • Payment plans (Ask about our 6 month no-charge, no interest payment plan)

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