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Decorative Stained Glass Inserts


For light, privacy and elegance


Wrought Iron Inserts


For elegance, privacy and security


Wrought Iron

A great way to add elegance, security, and privacy to your home. With a long life span, you can feel good about investing into our wrought iron door inserts. There is added comfort to your home as they provide more security than any other style of door insert. With so many designs and patterns to choose from, you can ensure that our wrought iron door inserts reflect your personal taste and style.

Stained Glass

A beautiful way to add warmth, privacy and elegance to your home. The beauty of a stained glass door is magnified when the sun from outside hits the door and your home is filled with vibrant prismatic colours. With many designs and patterns to choose from, you can ensure that your stained glass doors reflect your personal taste and style.

Doors Locks

Along with beautiful stained glass window and door inserts, What a Pane also specializes in door locks. When you’re in the market for exterior door hardware, there’s no one better than What a Pane. We can match up and complement any of our window inserts to transform your old door into a beautiful work of art, that is sure to impress all of your neighbours.


A great way to add character and, if done correctly, an excellent way to add value to your home. Between the glass blinds —just like any other custom feature in a home—are sought after by potential homeowners. In addition to the beautiful glass and iron inserts that What a Pane is known for, we also specialize in interior blinds for your doors.

Wrought Iron and Stained Glass Door Inserts

A doorway says a lot about a home and at What A Pane, we want to make sure that the first impression your guests have of your home, is a lasting one. We help to add sophistication, personality and eye-catching details to your home’s front door. From glass door inserts to wrought iron panels, What a Pane offers superb value in the GTA.

Our family operated business is known for providing quality, reliable services and competitive prices. With our design experts, we have developed many different products that continue to delight home owners. What a Pane continues to be a number one choice for beautiful door inserts in Toronto. We offer a variety of patterns, textures and designs, so you will have plenty of choice when deciding which door insert suits your home the best.

What A Pane’s team of experts will provide you with beautiful stained glass door inserts and wrought iron work in Toronto and the GTA. Our decorative glass door inserts will provide you with light, elegance, and the privacy that you desire for home door. With many designs to choose from you can ensure that your door will reflect your personal taste and stand out from your neighbours. What A Pane also offers wrought iron door inserts. These are a great way to add elegance, privacy and security to your home. Both wrought iron and decorative glass inserts can be fitted to your existing door.

What A Pane delivers on quality and value by offering free installation, a 10-year warranty and different payment options. We are committed to providing top quality stained glass or wrought iron, door and window inserts to Toronto homes.

Your front door is the gateway to your home for family and guests. Ensure that it is a thing of beauty and elegance by purchasing your inserts from What A Pane.


For Light, Privacy and Elegance

Decorative glass, sometimes known as stained glass, is a thousand year old art form that was traditionally used in places of worship. Pieces of glass are cut and held together by lead or zinc strips to form a myriad of different patterns and designs. The panel is then secured in a rigid frame and thermally sealed between two pieces of safety tempered glass. The result is a window pane that adds style and character to your doorway and depending on your preference, a great deal of privacy.

Browse through our host of designs and see how you can transform your entranceway!

For Elegance, Privacy and Security

Wrought Iron is a steel that is heated and bent into decorative shapes and is often used in gates, fences and furniture. Today it is available in the form of decorative door panels. The iron design is sealed between two pieces of tempered glass, one piece of clear glass and one piece of “frosted” glass. “Frosted” glass allows light through but offers a very high degree of security and privacy.

Without having to buy a new door, we can modify your existing to accommodate our wrought iron door inserts.

Step inside and experience how you can upgrade your doorway!